The first day in a new land

After we parked the RV and unpacked some of our stuff at the house, we headed to Adrienne’s friend Roz’s house to pick up her moped and her dog Patrick.  Here we are on the way back from getting the moped.  Patrick rode in the little jump seat in the back.  He’s a champ.

IMG_2943 copy

The view of the mountains from the house in Genesee is amazing.  Here is a picture of the view early in the morning from the neighborhood right at the head of the driveway.

IMG_2937 copy

The kitchen in the house is really amazing and as much as we really enjoyed fumbling around each other in our own new kitchen, we really enjoyed the space and getting to cook together at the house.


Here is our meal of homemade macaroni and cheese with broccoli, a little leftover home fries, a plate full of bacon, and some wonderful sourdough bread.  We were a bit ambitious and, no, we did not finish all of it.  We saved a lot of bacon for later as well as much of the macaroni and cheese.

IMG_2952 copy