Repairs to-date

So here is a list of the repairs I’ve done to the RV to-date.  By the time I’m done here, this things going to function like new.  This is just how things go – par for the course.

1) Remove & reseal steering gearbox $25

2) Install new pitman arm $20

3) Have 4 wheel alignment checked and front wheel alignment performed (front right caster shim needed) $192

4) Installed GPS unit

5) Removed & replaced radio

6) Repaired radio wiring & speaker wiring along with proper mounting of speakers

7) Fabricated new main battery tray $12

8) Cleaned all house battery terminals and connections

9) Replaced LP gas regulator $24

10) Repaired rear booth seat back

11) Resealed all roof seams

12) Installed all LED 12v house lights $65

13) Repaired rear bed frame that was falling apart $17

14) Repaired wiring to control board for refrigerator

15) Replaced misc lights and repaired poor ground to brake light $10

16) Repaired leaking sink waste line $6

17) Installed new kitchen faucet with higher spout $35

18) Replaced broken shower faucet & new sprayer $30

19) Adapted leaking shower & toilet plumbing from the existing polybutylene tubing to readily available PEX $30

20) Installed new radiator due to the old one leaking $190

21) Installed new power steering pump due to the old one leaking $60

22) Installed rebuilt alternator due to the old one failing $125

23) Replaced coolant tees with ball style shutoff valves and new coolant lines for rear heat $75

24) Replaced the AC orifice tube and recharged the freon with dye $50

25) Installed fan shrouds that were missing $240

25) Removed the toilet to repair the broken flush valve – part must be ordered