Past Weeks Work

Re-installing the steering gear after I resealed it was a real bear of a job.  The gear box was very heavy and awkward to lift above my head as I was trying to position it to bolt it back in place.  In the end it went a lot more smoothly than I expected.  Now, this weekend, I just have to fill it with fluid and bleed the air out.  While I was trying to save money on this job by resealing the gearbox instead of replacing it with a rebuilt unit, I damaged the pitman arm when removing it from the rest of the steering linkage because I used a pickle fork to break the tapered shaft loose at the joint.  The new pitman arms were $40-70 for a cheep Asian part that would last about a year or two or $100+ for a Moog brand pitman arm which are supposed to hold up a lot longer.  I almost purchased the Moog pitman arm for $68 on ebay before I decided to look a little more and see if I could get it cheaper… and boy and I glad I did.  I found the same brand new Moog pitman arm for $10 + $10 shipping from just around the corner in Nj.  What a deal.  Here is everything before it went back on the RV.


Early in the sorting process I found this bottle of wine.  I’ve decided to save it to celebrate when I make it to Colorado.


Here’s the heart of the CT-90 engine waiting to be bored and fitted with a new piston and rings.  I’m excited about how well this thing should run when I’m done with it.  And to just have it back on the road in general.