On Our Way To Uncle Stevie’s

We trekked our way over the river and through the snow- to Uncle Stevie’s house we go.  Traffic came to a near stand still about 30 miles from Bristol, VA/TN.  We fought through the traffic and the pace picked up just in time for the weather to clear and the sun came out.  Once traffic picked up, it was smooth sailing all the way to Stevie’s new house in Pigeon Forge.  When we got there we met him and my Aunt Sue down in the new Rocky Flats Kennel, right behind their house, where they breed world class Labradors.  We got a chance to catch up and see their new house as well as break in their new guest room.  In the morning I woke up at 5:30 and witnessed their morning routine with the dogs in the kennel, caulked the front of the truck cap to keep water out and waited for April to wake up.  Here are some pictures of my uncles new house.

The front of the new house.

The dogs in the kennel.