Let It Snow- Let It be Slow

After a good night of driving, following a day of eating and relaxing with family, we decided that we would take a real break and lay up our heads in the bed of the truck for the fist time.  At about 4 am we pulled into a rest stop off the side of 81 in Virginia, moved everything to the front seats and made our bed.  We woke up to our alarm at 7:30 and couldn’t see out the windows.  Thinking that they were just fogged up with condensation we wiped them with our hands and…nothing.  Oh no!  It had snowed.  We cracked the window of the cap open and peeked out to find 1-2 inches of snow/sleet.  Things were bound to get interesting today.

No Snow, getting ready for bed at 4 am.

Later that morning. SNOW