Hitchin’ Up The Wagons

At the last minute, we were scraping together all of our gear necessary for a winter road trip.  One thing we’ve never taken with us is our bikes.  With this being our first long trip in Charlie (the truck) we thought it was fitting to bring our second set of wheels along.  One issue though.  We were planing to leave on the night of the 25th, and when the morning of the 25th came, we tried mounting the bikes to the hitch carrier for the first time.  Whoops, they are both women’s bikes…and women’s bike frames don’t really jive with this style carrier.  Time for some ingenuity.  That night, just before we departed, I whipped up some wooden top tubes for these bikes.  I basically turned them into men’s frames.  Perfect, now we were really ready to go and we didn’t look like a bunch of doofuses with our bikes strapped on upside down and backwards.