Greensboro Alabama- Let’s Start the Morning with some Pie

After spending the day at the Unclaimed Baggage Center it made perfect sense to stop in Greensboro at Pie Lab for some delicious pie.  The picture below shows a unique landscape we saw as we we’re approaching Greensboro.  We got to Greensboro mid morning and we were starving.  I intentionally told April to hold off on breakfast so we could indulge in some fun, local, southern food, but for some reason Flava (Lyle’s Diner) and Mustang Oil (the local gas station that serves food) were both closed.  Bummber.

Swamp land on our way to Greensboro

As we walked around searching for breakfast we came across this whimsical mural painted on the side of a building on Main Street, it made us smile.  We also found the store front for Alabamboo, a Project M inspired bamboo bicycle company.  Very cool stuff these guys are doing.  The bicycles are all hand crafted in their store front in Greensboro Alabama from Alabama grown, sustainable harvested bamboo.  They are promoting nothing but good things: riding bikes more, making local goods and using local sustainable materials.

Neat-o mural in Greensboro Alabama


Looking in to the Alabamboo Bike shop.  The space is huge making their efforts look small in comparison, but missing from the corners of the picture are a dozen fresh frames in various stages of the build process.

So we finally had to settle for pie for breakfast – and I didn’t complain.  We stopped in to visit Pie Lab, another Project M creation.  A few years back I was a part of a Project M team that developed the idea for Pie Lab, a pie shop that uses local labor to make fresh, delicious, handmade pies with the goal of providing the community with a sustainable business model that provides a space that promotes all aspects of community building…because lets face it, who doesn’t like pie.  Please check out these two articles written about Pie Lab: Fast Company, New York Times.  We got a slice of sweet potato pie and also April and my favorite, key lime.  Oh boy, the key lime was sooo delicious.

Breakfast pie, almost gone!

On the door to the public library we spotted a sign that stated that: “pants must be belted above the hipbone to enter library,” – welcome to the south.

“Pants must be belted above the hipbone to enter the library”