Getting Everything Done

Working hard to get everything done in time and I finally mustered up the energy and motivation to start boring out the CT-90 cylinder to fit the new oversize piston.  After making a simple jig to hold the cylinder in a vice I began slinging metal laden oil all over my brand new shoes (I never fail to mess up a new pair of shoes quickly).  Now that the cylinder is almost done, I can start putting the bike back together this week and hopefully have it running like new in no time.



Amidst all of this work, I managed to find some time to remove the old wrong size 26×1 3/8 ” tires from my 60’s Schwinn and install the new ones that came in the mail.  Last year, for the first time ever, I witnessed a bike wheel explode due to the metal being weak from excessive rust.  The thought had actually crossed my mind as I was inflating the tire 3 min before it actually blew up.  It was actually pretty scary – I thought someone shot a gun at me point blank.  Here is a picture of what the wheel looked like after it blew out.  Anyway, new tires and a new wheel were clearly in order.  I put the new tires and tubes on and serviced both the front and rear wheel bearings while I was at it.  This bike hasn’t been this smooth rolling in probably over 30 years.


The last thing to do associated with the motorcycle is to build a platform on the back of the RV to hold it.  This week when I get the RV back from the alignment shop I will try to whip the platform together and get that out of the way.