Funny River Bluegrass Festival

When my fishing buddy’s parents dropped me off at a road side pull off to meet back up with Jason and the crew, we headed to the Funny River Bluegrass Festival. The first bit of business was to to catch me up on what I had missed while in Seward fishing. Apparently the night before Jason had Sh**his pants 3 times and after the 2nd he had fashioned himself a diaper out of a trash bag. We all had an insanely good laugh but were, now, a bit shell shocked about spending the upcoming weekend with him in a tent. When we got to the festival, Jason began setting up his tent, which he described as a 5 person tent. As we rolled the tent out on the ground it became very clear that Jason’s perception of size and space is very off. This, so-called 5 person tent, was really a 2 or maybe 3 person tent—not big enough for sh**ty pants Jason, his girl friend, myself, and Randy. Randy and I decided to sleep in the car and leave the tent to Jason and his girl friend. Which was a good idea—I’ll explain later.

IMG_3869 copy

While getting situated by the car/camp site, an RV similar to mine and Adrienne’s pulled up next to us. I was making crude comments about Philly when a voice from inside said, “Is someone talking trash on Philly?” I walked up and introduced myself and the fact that I just moved from the Philly suburbs and the woman inside riddled off a list of places she had recently lived—Allentown, New Hope, Doylestown…all places very near where I grew up. As the night went on, we talked quite a bit and became pretty close. Tyla (Tee-la) and her girlfriend hung out with me most of the night. Here is a photo of the two of them.

IMG_3847 copy

The kids at the Blues Festival were priceless—throwing handfuls of dirt at each other all evening. The most memorable incident was when a little boy walked up to the cutest little black girl and asked her if she wanted a shower. She emphatically said YES and proceeded to stand perfectly still with the most enormous grin as he “showered” her with two fist-fulls of dirt. What a perfect youthful oxymoron.

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Then there was the most precious little boy pretending to walk this dog.

IMG_3835 copy

The entire property was full of character. From the truck-bed full of cans destine for recycling, to the old Ford station wagon being taken back by mother nature, this property was a really exciting place to have a festival. There were flame throwers and fire dancers to light up the night.

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