Coming Down The Final Stretch

With each passing weekend I’ve become more and more panicked facing the new reality of how close I am to the end of this phase my life and a the start of this new beginning.   Last week I printed out a monthly calendar for May, June, July, August and September and filled in everything I could think of that was set in stone.  When I was done filling in everything that needs to be done before I leave, it was scary how tightly everything fit into the remaining time.

Then, last weekend I got into a bad car accident and destroyed my beloved 1996 Mercedes E300 Diesel.  This threw a huge wrench into my ability to get around and get things done efficiently before I leave.  But onward we go, there’s not enough time to fret on how much this sucks.  A few days after I wrecked the car I put it up for sale on eBay and at the end of the week it sold to a man in Florida for $1350.  A great deal for him and not bad for me either.


IMG_2389 copy

Last week, on Monday I dropped off the Yamaha Radian I’m trying to sell at a locksmith in Morrisville to have a new key made.  On Wednesday I picked up the Motorcycle from the locksmith and I dropped the RV off to have the front end aligned, a brake light wring issue looked at, and the roof/windows re-sealed.  Thursday night I actually used the Mercedes to push the Studebaker into the shop to get the torque converter pulled out and replaced.   Friday I pulled the torque converter out of the Studebaker with a lot of help from my good friend Chuck at Combustion Engineering in Langhorne.  When I got home Friday night I tore apart my entire darkroom and packed it and all of my boxed up stuff into my moms car and my dad and I headed to the shore with the car packed to the brim.




This week coming up is going to be crazy and probably go by very fast.  It’s all so surreal.  Before I know it, I ‘ll be driving my new home to Colorado and then be on a plane for Alaska.