Burn Baby Burn

Adrienne and I just got back from Burning Man 2013, our first year.  Here’s a string of photos that will hopefully tell a story on their own and later I will follow up with our account of what it was like.  For now, enjoy the photos and use your imaginations.

IMG_4901 copy IMG_4905 copy IMG_4906 copy IMG_4919 copy IMG_4926 copy IMG_4927 copy IMG_4933 copy IMG_4936 copy IMG_4947 IMG_4953 copy IMG_4960 copy IMG_4961 copy IMG_4972 copy IMG_4994 copy IMG_4996 copy IMG_5002 copy IMG_5003 copy IMG_5008 copy IMG_5010 copy IMG_5014 copy IMG_5016 copy IMG_5025 copy IMG_5030 copy IMG_5038 copy IMG_5042 copy IMG_5056 copy IMG_5059 copy IMG_5060 copy IMG_5063 copy IMG_5075 copy IMG_5089 copy IMG_5091 copy IMG_5099 copy IMG_5100 copy IMG_5134 copy IMG_5139 copy