Back to work

Adrienne is back to work and I guess now so am I.  Here she is at her current job site.  I spent the day working on overdue paperwork for renewing my captains license and insurance papers from the accident.  We had a mellow night last night at the house and then today I followed Adrienne to Home Depot to help her load some plywood and I went back to the RV and got a lot of work done.


I started by removing the control board for the refrigerator and realized that it was replaced very recently.  This was a good indication that chances are the thing should work.  I took the cover off the outside of it and this allowed greater access to the terminals for making better connections.  I cleaned all the connections that looked poor and removed the fuse block which looked like it could have been part of the issue.  It was very corroded and one of the quick connect fittings was very loose, possibly make and breaking contact.  I cleaned everything up and hooked it up without the cover to ensure all connections were as good as they could be and – presto, the fridge seems to be working.  It got nice an frosty in the freezer running on propane, and it was starting to get cold in the fridge.

IMG_2974 copy

After the fridge was back together, I tackled the plumbing in the shower.  I used some PEX crimp fittings to adapt the polybutylene tubing in the RV to PEX tubing for greater serviceability in the future.  I got the shower all hooked up and mounted a new bracket for the shower sprayer at the proper height.  Once I was done with the shower, I dropped a crimp ring behind the toilet which instigated the removal of the toilet.  Now, with the toilet out, I was finally able to see what was broken on the flush valve and hopefully find a new one to replace it.  For the time being, I adapted the bent, kinked, and almost split polybutylene tubing for the toilet to PEX and I just capped it till the toilet is fixed.  Now the plumbing is all sealed up and everything is working leak free!

IMG_2980 copy

IMG_2978 copy

IMG_2973 copy