Back East For Christmas and a Relentless Truck

A few months back we made the long and arduous trek back east to pick up our new truck and to tie up many loose ends. The following is an account of the adventures that ensued.

We hopped into our beloved 2004 Nissan Frontier and departed on our last long trip in it together – headed east to trade it for something different, quite a bit different. A few months prior to this we had flown to the east coast of Florida to pick up a diesel Mercedes and immediately following this transaction we headed up to Tennessee to decide if buying an early 90’s GMC with an old bread truck engine in it was a good idea…turns out, we thought it was a good idea. Here are some photos of our drive to Gunnison Colorado only 20 or so miles east of where we live in Montrose

IMG_5950 copy

IMG_5972 copy

IMG_5975 copy


IMG_5999 copy

After a very long and largely boredom filled ride across middle America we made it to Sevierville Tennessee where my uncle lives and were we left our new truck to pick up on our way back east for the Christmas holiday. We spent a day or so at my uncles and then left on Christmas Eve giving our selves just enough time to make the 10 hour drive to Langhorne, PA with a few spare hours to nap along the way in order to make it there at a reasonable hour Christmas morning. We made the 10 hour drive without stopping and ran out of money for tolls along the way – a thrilling way to start Christmas. We made it to Langhorne by 9:00 am Christmas morning and surprised my whole family as they never imagined I would come home especially for Christmas this year.


Out with the new and in with the old. Picking up the new truck in Tennessee Christmas Eve.