Alasaka – The Last Few Days

Here is an account of my last few days in Alaska.

At Funny River, Jason’s bandmates ate all of the lunch meat and cheese that Randy and I bought for making sandwiches.  We went home after only one night at the festival due to Jason’s Sh**ty situation.  When we got home I set out to buy some more lunch meat and cheese.  It was really late and only one grocery store in the area was open–although their deli was not. I ran into a worker that just happened to be behind the deli doing something else and so I asked him about pre-packaged meats and cheeses. He showed me some random bags of meat and cheese and told me that he could only sell me bags that had price tags on them already. After much deliberation, I settled on a few items. One of the packages he showed me was a huge stick of salami that probably weighed 3 lbs. The salami had a price tag on it but something told us that it was not accurate. Maybe it was the fact that the tag indicated that it weighed only 0.33 lbs which was grossly inaccurate. He gave it to me anyway and said here, you can try to check out with it but I don’t think it will work. Well guess what—it did! I got maybe $15 worth of salami for $2.88

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The next morning Jason, Tara, Randy and I went to see Portage Glacier. It was a wonderful trip which I was able to appreciate even more once I got back to Colorado and talked to someone that was also recently in Alaska and went on a glacier cruise only to find that they didn’t see any real glaciers, only areas where the glaciers once where. He was very disappointed—we were not. Here are a few photos from our trip to Portage.

Randy, Tara, Jason and I

Randy, Tara, Jason and I

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Two days prior, one of Jason’s bandmates had given him an old beat up Saturn station wagon that had been in the family for years and now was just sitting neglected in the driveway. Jason and I found a set of good tires on craigslist, went and picked them up in downtown Anchorage from some guy about our age, then took the car around the corner and had them installed. What do you know, 2 days after getting the car, he wants it back because his sister just blew up the engine in her Honda for the 3rd time and needs another set of wheels. To our dismay we returned the car the following day…but only after finding a new car for Jason in craigslist. Many adventures ensued. Here she is, a beautiful 1991 Ford Tempo re-named “Tempura”.

IMG_4126 copy

Later that day, Tara and I took the car on a 35 mile trek north to look at a vehicle for her and just barely made it to the guys house. We coasted into the parking lot of the auto parts store right in front of the guys house. We left the car for some later TLC and walked to the guys house to look at the Nissan truck for Tara. Turns out the Nissan had a broken back window, lots of rust, and it wouldn’t start…so we gave up pretty quickly on that. The man showed us another vehicle he was selling for the same price, $888, that was a 90’s era Chevy blazer with a V6. It started pretty well and seemed to run well, everything looked pretty clean so we took it for a test drive. It ran well for the drive so we were getting pretty serious and close to committing to buy it from the guy when it started to run rough all of the sudden and stalled. Then I started it back up and it started running rough and stalled again, and again. Then I couldn’t get it to start. We looked at each other and said the heck with this, we can only deal with one POS at a time, we will already be lucky if we get home with the Ford Tempo. So Tara and I went to the auto parts store and purchased all the supplies to do a full tune up on the Tempo. We performed the work in the parking lot and proceeded home. The car seemed to run a lot better to start but then it began running like utter crap for the last 75% of the drive. The next day Jason and I lost the makeshift muffler while going up a slight incline into the auto parts store parking lot for a fuel pressure test kit. This adventure just keeps getting better and better. For stories like this alone, I recommend everyone go on craigslist and buy a car for $600. Oh, and I have failed to mention that the Tempo has a screw driver for an ignition, the entire ignition assembly was missing.

That night Tara and I lit up the BBQ grill and made an enormous platter of food. 3 pork chops, 6 ears of corn and a huge artichoke. We ate all but maybe 2 ears of corn, what a night.

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