Ah, A Short Break & Back To Work

I just got back from a short break in Florida.  It was a much needed, short vacation which gave me some time to figure out my future plans.  Now that I’m back, it’s back to plugging away at work on the RV.  Here are a few photos from Florida and the work ahead of me this week.




Already, the first Monday back to work, my good friend Dave gave me the supplies and schematic for building an 1/8″ stereo to mono RCA cable which will allow me to play my MP3 player through the outrageously cool, vintage Zenith tube radio that came with the RV.  I built the cable on Monday and tested it last night – it works great and should provide a lot of enjoyment.


Here is a quick sketch of the rear motorcycle carrier that I’m going to build this week to carry the CT-90.

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