A Hard Day of Work

So, yesterday the weather warmed up and I decided to take the motorcycle over to the farm to work on the RV.  The nice weather gave me lots of motivation to get some of the bigger tasks done that I’ve been holding off on.  Even so, when I started looking at the steering gearbox and what was going to be involved in removing it I started to drag my feet.  After some struggle, few rust flakes in my eyes and lots of blunt force to the pitman arm, I was able to get the steering gear off the RV.  Once it was off I took it into the shop and began trying to remove the pitman arm from the shaft and just about broke my largest gear puller and never did get it off.  I guess they make a specific pitman arm puller for a reason.

With that project stalled, I decided to dig into the CT-90 motorcycle that I’m planning to take with me.  I planned to fully rebuild the engine and service everything I can think of so I don’t have to think about it later.  I’ve had this engine apart once before and since then, I’ve seized the engine twice due to intermittent poor oiling and each time the bike started back up and ran seemingly fine for months – so I never took it apart.

I ended up taking most of the bike apart and was able to assess everything I’ll need to replace and what is going to be involved.  It was actually much better than I expected.  The cylinder did show minor scoring that will need to be honed and the piston showed damage on the skirt due to the lack of proper oiling.  About 2 years ago when I parked it, I finally found out, after lots of troubleshooting, what the problem was.  It  turns out the clutch basket nut was loosening up and the oil flows through the center of the shaft to other parts of the engine.  This was causing a lack of proper oil pressure, but only under very specific conditions, hence it seized up twice but ran fine for 6 months or more between both incidences.  Anyway, time for some major service.  I’ll be boring the cylinder and putting a new piston and rings in it.  I’m in the process of cleaning and rebuilding the carb.  I’ll be putting a new freshly sealed gas tank on it and tuning it up with new points and a valve adjustment.  Oh, and some new front brake shoes – ’cause the old ones were really shot.


The Gearbox removed and in the kitchen sink for cleaning and new seals.



Got the engine removed and later took the gas tank and front wheel off to access the brake shoes for replacement.



Engine torn down for inspection and rebuild.


Everything stripped off the bike. Ready for lots of service.