A Clean New Bed

A week and a half ago we dropped the truck off at my friend Chuck’s shop to have some differed maintenance performed in anticipation for our trip and to get it to pass state inspection which was due.  It wasn’t till late Friday night that I helped Chuck finish up working on the truck and we got it back.  And, what do you know, the check engine light comes back on for an age old problem that never seems to go away – no matter how many repairs we make and how much we dig for the root of the problem.  On top of this, when Chuck and I were test driving it last night we noticed a bad squealing sound that we first thought was coming from on of the new idler pulley bearings, but later traced it to the water pump.  Great.   Now, Monday morning we have to replace the water pump.  It never seems to end.

Now, with 2 days to go before we depart, we were planning to take the new truck cap off, scrub and clean the truck bed, and seal a few small gaps between the weatherstripping and the bed of the truck so our new bed room on wheels does not fill up with water if or when it rains.  We woke up and the mercury was dipping pretty low, making motivation to work outside – especially with a hose – not very appealing.  We did it any way and got everything squared away.  We even got the plastic futon mattress cover on, folded the mattress into a nice comfy taco and put in the bed of the truck to check the fit.

Things are beginning to take shape and we are going to start scrambling to get everything together before we leave.  Tomorrow, I have to clean the bikes up and give them a nice once over, tune up.

Stay tuned…persevere! I do hope you have a good daytime.
(This is a quote from some of the lovely SPAM comments I’ve been getting on my blog.)