Last day of work!

Today (Friday May, 24th) was my last day of work for Remcal Products.  I spent the entire day re-routing and setting up new air lines for the shop.  It was busy work that kept me moving and in a good mood all day.  When lunch time rolled around I went into the break room and it was surprisingly quiet and not many people were there eating.  After lunch, the owner of the company came in and asked where everyone was.  I was confused and said I was wondering the same thing.  She then said, “Well round everyone up, we are having a surprise party for you since it’s your last day, I got you a cake.”  We went into the shop and gathered everyone up and she unveiled the most ridiculous cake.  Here is a picture of the cake.

The explanation for the comment below the picture of the RV on the cake is that one of the other employees had started an ongoing joke about my RV and what I am planning to do with it while I fish for Salmon in Alaska.  The plan is that my new girlfriend Adrienne who lives in Colorado already is going to fly out to Philly to help me finish packing and then drive the RV with me back to Colorado.  She is going to keep an eye on it for me while I’m in Alaska and help me find a place to park it for that time period.  The joke is that possession is 9/10ths of the law when it comes to divorce and that when I return to Colorado, my RV will be gone and so will Adrienne.  Everyone got a kick out of the cake and it tasted great.

IMG_2705 copy