Headed to New Orleans for New Years!

A few weeks ago I came home from work late in the evening and somewhat relieved to find an empty house.  April had left a note in the most probable place for me to find it, on the lid to my laptop.  It read, “STOP, look here <—-”  pointing to her computer.  On her computer I found a second note that read, “open and view internet browser tabs from left to right.”  The first three tabs were craigslist postings for used truck caps.  The fourth tab was an informational article on an interesting tourist attraction called Coral Castle in Florida, the next tab was google maps directions from Bucks County, PA to Coral Castle in Florida.  After that, was a page on New Orleans and more google maps directions to New Orleans.  On the following page was a google calendar with two chunks of dates highlighted. And the last page showed the picture of a children’s book entitled “What Do You Say?” zoomed in to show the front cover.

What Do You Say?

Well, what I say is, “this is awesome!”  Now I have to get the time off.  Before she got back from her lesson I had lined up a deal for the purchase of one of the truck caps.  We mulled over the two locations and what time to take the trip for the next week or two and we both finally got approved for the time off…this is going to happen.  And in typical fashion for any of our best trips, we whipped things together in a few weeks and are ready and scheduled to depart Christmas night for New Orleans, LA.

More to come…